This video will show you how clear the water is, just off our beach ...

But, please promise us that you will select "Full Screen" and you MUST (!!!) select "HD" to see the fish below the ocean's surface.  Enjoy.

Fiji fishing with Steve Hopley (Samish Island, WA, USA) and Simeli. Note: After this video was taken, fishing over "visible" coral reefs was banned in the area. Now, you can drive a boat over the reef and see the same unbelievable scenes, but fishing must be out in the deep waters where you cannot "see" the reef below.

This next short video is about a boat made by Safeway Marine in FijiFiji, Waitatavi Bay, Fiji


A one-minute video-summary of FijiFiji, a Private Luxury Resort

An aerial view of Bure #13 at Waitatavi Bay, Vanua Levu, Fiji Islands, filmed in MAY2019: