"Keep Fiji Fiji"

All the special characteristics that lure people to Fiji need to be preserved, including: the friendly people, the pristine beaches, the world-class diving, the native culture, the tropical rainforests, the virtually untouched wildlife, etc. As humanity encroaches on every untouched location and on every corner of the earth, it is important to protect the "progress" through careful management of these special natural resources. "Keep Fiji Fiji" is a non-profit effort dedicated to:

  • Reducing Pollution
  • Maximizing Solar Energy and "Green" Alternatives
  • Preserving Fiji's Culture
  • Minimizing Mankind's Impact on The Fiji Islands
  • Educating future generations about maintaining Fiji's Natural Resources

Keeping Fiji the way it was ... thus, "Keep Fiji Fiji" (coined by Tom Adamo)