Hint: The 3-wires across the bottom of photo are Stainless Steel cables to keep you from falling off the deck of the "Grand Bure" (house) !


  • Reportedly, Jean-Michel Cousteau (son of famed oceanographer, Jacque Cousteau), after scuba diving and/or snorkeling in Waitatavi Bay (aka "FijiFiji Private Luxury Resort"), stated that he had never seen such extensive and diverse live corals growing so close to shore! He postulated that Waitatavi Bay was being fed by "coral seed" (plumes) from Rainbow Reef, 1500 meters offshore, and that Waitatavi Bay had an ideal growing environment for the coral. He marveled at our white sands beach and said it was the most beautiful ecosystems he had ever seen in the world ...




  • The founder of FijiFiji joined "Fiji-USA Business Council" to promote preservation of Fijian values


  • Figi = Fiji: "Fiji" is often misspelled "Figi"
    - How did you find us? "FigiFigi" or "FijiFiji"?
    - The correct spelling is “Fiji"
    - Other common misspellings include: Figian, “Figi Island”, "Figi Islands", “Figi Resort”, "Figi Resorts", “Figi Honeymoon”, Figi Honeymoons”, “Figi Vacation”, or "Figi vacations"
    - By the way, “Fugi” should be “Fuji" and is an apple or a mountain in Japan



Scuba Diving. Snorkeling. Boating. Sailing. Kayaking. Cruising. Fishing. Beach combing. Sun tanning. Exploring. Hiking. Visiting Fijian villages. Pearl culturing. Waterfalls. Water slides. Kava ceremonies. Marine Biology. Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP).  Dense Rain Forests. Loving People. Environmental ecology. Music. Balance.  -- These terms all describe the precious resources that abound in and around the world-famous Rainbow Reef, Fiji, located directly between Taveuni Island and Waitatavi Bay, the location of FijiFiji, on the island of Vanua Levu.

The best of Fiji Island's beach settings can be found at FijiFiji, our Private Luxury Resort. Whether you want scuba diving and snorkeling or that island vacation getaway where you melt in peace, this Fiji island resort will keep you coming back for more!  A white sand beach on a blue lagoon, the Fiji vacation you dreamed of will soon be realized when you stay right next to the world-renowned Rainbow Reef dive sites. The Rainbow Reef beach setting is a Fiji island paradise, complete with volcanic mountain top vistas, lush tropical rainforests, coconut palm trees, coral reef-lined lagoons and the best scuba diving Fiji has to offer, a South Pacific treasure island paradise!

Right at FijiFiji, you can relax on the beach, swim, snorkel or scuba dive in the blue lagoon, or go kayaking or sailing to the many neighboring bays and Fiji beaches. There is a scenic trail along the high ridge of the resort with panoramic views of the Koro Sea, Rainbow Reef peninsula and distant Fiji islands. Coupled with a beach walk, the trail is over a mile in length. Not far beyond the lagoon, the underwater beauty of Rainbow Reef stretches its 30km-long (19 miles) run down the Fiji island's coastline with colorful displays of tropical fish, soft coral gardens, the Great White Wall and tunnels.

Take a Fiji vacation or honeymoon to one of the most special places on earth. Scuba divers and snorkelers will soon be able to vacation overnight at this treasured remote destination, prized for it's pristine seclusion. Enjoy easy boat access for fishing and water sports of every kind. Scuba diving and Fiji travel arrangements can be made here. Come to the Fiji islands. Stay with us and experience the Fijian culture and the white sand beaches of the Rainbow Reef region - one of the greatest scuba diving destinations in the world !

FijiFiji's white sand beaches form a half-mile crescent  . . .  creating its blue lagoon. The land behind lies in a long semi-circular bowl of flat meadows shaded by graceful rain trees and coconut palms. The land rises in small, gentle slopes which lead to steeply mounting, jungle-laden hillsides. These hillsides end in a high protective ridge arcing around the whole resort. A tropical getaway with swaying palms, white sand beach, aquamarine lagoon, and spectacular views.




FijiFiji BioCamp's (historically significant events):

College-bound students who were genuinely interested in studying the vast coral and rainforest ecosystems spent two weeks of their summer face-to-face with one of the earth's most beautiful "labs". Instructor(s) qualified in Marine Biology, Land Animals, Botany, Southern Hemisphere Astronomy, Environmental Design and Fijian Culture guided experiments designed to map and track the preservation of this remote, nearly-untouched paradise. This non-profit effort was also established in an effort to << "Keep Fiji Fiji" >>.  Topics covered:

  • Oceanography - properties of sea water, island formation, ocean resource management

  • Biology - invertebrate and vertebrate zoology, fish anatomy and physiology

  • Coral Reefs - formation, types, zonation, health (e.g. bleaching, nutrients, and siltation)

  • Ecology - life cycles, food chains, predation and predatory avoidance, symbiotic and parasitic relationships, competition and niches, animal behavior

  • Astronomy - constellations of the southern hemisphere skies, the milky way galaxy, lunar phases, classification of stars

  • Geology - Tectonic Plates, Volcanic Evidence, Mountains, Erosion, Tides, Ocean Currents

  • Fijian Culture - Language, Customs, Music, Dancing, Celebrations, Life-style

  • Species identification

  • Biodiversity surveys of species, abundance, and distribution

  • Animal behavioral investigation

  • Photography as a tool in science

  • Water sampling and oceanography methods

  • Intertidal, beach habitat discovery

  • Environmental impact investigation

  • Mapping, quadrants, and transects

  • Bio-luminescence investigation and observation

  • Coral health and monitoring methods

  • Hypothesis testing and experiment designs

The BioCamp’s course-work was then taught to local high schools in Fiji so that they could carry on with future classes.



FijiFiji is based in the Fiji Islands of the South Pacific and is dedicated to preserving Fijian culture while allowing people from around the world to share in the essence of Fiji and what makes Fiji so special.

<< "Keep Fiji Fiji" >> is the non-profit effort dedicated to preserving all that is Fiji today, for generations to come.

"Fiji Fiji BioCamp's" were the original scientific arm that educated students and teachers in marine biology, rainforest management, ecology, clean renewable energy resources, astronomy, and Fijian Culture.

The "FijiFiji Private Luxury Resort" is the place where all of this comes together … at one of the most exclusive resorts in arguably the best place in the world.


"FijiFiji  . . .  real hard to get to, but so much harder to leave"  (quote by: Shariff Shah, Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji Islands)